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Celtic and progresive folk
This is the New Age of the asturian music

Gueta na Fonte logoGueta na Fonte is the new set of musical works produced by Mento Hevia , asturian composer, producer and multiinstrumentalist , well known for his collaborations and/or recordings with significant groups of the asturian musical scene.

Gueta na Fonte with Juan Povedano,Vanesa Vez, Nancy Quintans, Daniel Alvarez, José Francés,Luis García and Mento Hevia consolidate a very special musical proposal, in which classical and ancient music together with folk typical arrengements and present music based on new technologies are balanced.


Our musical approach

As for the back we base on melodies, rhythms and harmonies proceeding from celtic , ancient and traditional music that are mainly located in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, The French Brittany, Asturias, Galicia, Basque Country, etc. We also play compositions of later and present authors that continue in that line. As for the form we consider ourselves modernizers. We use forms closer to the ancient ones but more evolved, more modern arrangements and we also used modern instruments combined with the classic ones. In this way we get a broad and varied sonority.
List The list is integrated by a selection of popular songs that we have "found", proceeding from the traditional music from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, Britain, Asturias, Galicia, Basque Country etc. They are compositions very ancient and little spread , with a great melodic and harmonic beauty, adapted and modernized by Gueta na Fonte, for violin, flute, cello, percussion and voice. We also include some pieces of renaissance, baroque and modern music that in our opinion have affinity with celtic music. We also play compositions by Mento Hevia.


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